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Digital Compositor

 I remember Pierre's attitude quite clearly as he was a bold artists, never afraid to express himself in a constructive manner and with a friendly sense of humor, easy to work with. His knowledge of filmmaking always supported his choices as a VFX Artist.

Victor Perez, Visual Effects Supervisor

Pierre has a strong creative eye and an excellent technical understanding of VFX Compositing. Every problem is met with a positive outlook and he always demonstrates it through his dedication towards a solution because of his high technical/creative knowledge of Nuke and VFX skill set. 

Trishit Pradhan, FX Suprvisor

 I can recommend Pierre as a fast and good compositor, he can show great result during tough deadlines. He learns fast  and always shares his knowledge with less experienced people.

Liudmyla Chorna, Senior Compositor

Pierre was always an outstanding member of our team, and I have always been impressed by his professionalism and admirable personal qualities. He has my highest recommendation

Gergely Velki, Visual Effwcts Supervisor

I would happily recommend Pierre for any project. With his pleasant demeanour and professional attitude makes him an essential part of any VFX team.

Robert Hartigan, Compositing Supervisor

Pierre delivered complex shots, completed corrections in a timely fashion, performed early tests and was involved in finding creative solutions for the challenges at hand.
I hope we get the chance to work again and in the future.

Ryan Dauner, Visual Effects Supervisor

Pierre is a real grafter and not afraid of hard work, he's smart and he has plenty of ideas. He's an asset to any production.

Armand Attard, Director

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