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Blade Runner 2049

New blade runner, LAPD Officer K, unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos.


Cast: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas, Robin Wright

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writer: Hampton Fancher, Michael Green

Digital Compositor: Pierre D'oncieu

Language: English

Year: 2017

Awards and Nominations:

  • Won Best Achievement in Visual Effects 90th Academy Awards

  • Won Best Achievement in Special/Visual Effects BAFTA Film Awards 2018

  • Won Outstanding Created Environment in a Photoreal Feature (Vegas)

  • Nominated Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature 

  • Nominated Outstanding Animated Character in a Photoreal Feature

  • Nominated Outstanding Created Environment in a Photoreal Feature (Trash Mesa)

  • Nominated Outstanding Compositing in a Photoreal Feature

  • Nominated Outstanding Model in a Photoreal or Animated Feature  Visual Effects Society Awards 2018

  • Nominated Best Visual Effects Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards 2018

  • Won Best Visual Effects  St. Louis Film Critics Association, US 2017

  • Nominated Best Visual Effects Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards 2017

  • Nominated Best Visual Effects  Houston Film Critics Society Awards 2018

  • Nominated Best Visual Effects   San Diego Film Critics Society Awards 2017

  • Nominated Best Visual Effects Satellite Awards 2017



Poster Ufficiale del cortometraggio "Fine del Mondo" diretto da Pierre D'oncieu.
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