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Fine del Mondo 


Gabriele carries a burden he does not want to reveal. Sergio is looking for somebody to share his pain. They meet on the edge of what seems to be the end of the world.


Cast: Daniele Ferrari, Sandro Calabrese, Chiara Ciacchella

Writer/Director: Pierre D'oncieu

Director of Photography: Giovanni Zoppeddu

Producer: Pierre D'oncieu

Language: Italian

Year: 2013


Awards and Nominations:

  • Nominated Special Mention David di Donatello Awards 2014

  • Official Selection Ischia Film Festival 2013

  • Salon des Refusées Milano Film Festival 2013     

  • Official Selection MareFestival Salina 2013                  

  • Official Selection StreamShort 2013

  • Official Selection Premio Cinematografico Palena 2013   


Poster Ufficiale del cortometraggio "Fine del Mondo" diretto da Pierre D'oncieu.
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