Pierre D'oncieu


Address: Rome Italy

E-mail: doncieupierre@gmail.com


Professional info


Italian writer, director and digital compositor.

I  worked in a number of short and feature films including Blade Runner 2049,  The IrishmanDolittleThe Terror and The Call of The Wild.


Experienced in many film roles my credits demonstrate a good understanding of the various aspects of film production ranging from the beginning of pre-production to the very end of post-production.

The various skills learned over the years gave me a deep insight on the different mechanism of production and the ability to use them in every departement.















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Blade Runner 2049
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The Irishman
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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The R
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The Call of The Wild
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The Terror - Season 1
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Nuke Masterclass with Victor Perez Digital Compositing

Visual Forum XItaly


Diploma - Filmmaking

London Film AcademyUnited Kingdom



Rome University of Fine ArtsItaly



Accademia di Cinema e Televisione GriffithItaly


Watch The Black Cat

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Feature/Short Film
AVFX Member
VES Member
Professional Experience - Latest Work

04/2021 - present  Digital Compositor at FRAME BY FRAME Italy

'Time is Up' dir. Elisa Amoruso, 2021

'Il Cacciatore- Season 3' RAI, 2021

'Generazione 65K - Season 1' Netflix, 2021

08/2020 - present  Digital Compositor at WHY WORRY PRODUCTION Italy

'Hallucinaut' dir. Daniele Auber, 2021

'Real! A Ghostbusters Tale' dir. Edoardo Stoppaciaro, 2021

'Fogo' dir. Daniele Martinis, 2021

06/2014 - present Visual Effects Supervisor at WATCH THE BLACK CAT Italy

'Una Vita da Cane - Dei Sentitissimi Ringraziamenti per degli Altrettanto Onesti Premi Conferiti' dir. Pierre D'oncieu, 2021

'The Claims: Wood, Lacquer and Steel' dir. Pierre D'oncieu, 2021

'Una Vita da Cane - L'Irripetibile Storia di Tofu Viceré dell'Isola del Morro' dir. Pierre D'oncieu, 2019

'Aquile Randagie' dir. Gianni Aureli, 2019

'Diario di Tonnara' dir. Giovanni Zoppeddu , 2018

09/2020 - 09/2020  Digital Compositor at VIDENS PICTURES Italy

'Dampyr' dir. Riccardo Chemello, 2021


07/2020 - 08/2020  Digital Compositor at LIGHTCUT FILM Italy

'Le Sorelle Macaluso' dir. Emma Dante, 2020

05/2020 - present  Digital Compositor at FILMUNIVERSITAT BABELSBERG KONRAD WOLF Germany (Remote)

'Laika & Nemo' dir. Jan Gadermann, Sebastian Grutza, 2020

05/2020 - 06/2020  Digital Compositor at FLARE FILM Germany (Remote)

'The Way We Were' dir. Martin Persiel, 2020

04/2020 - 05/2020  Digital Compositor at EXIT 44 ENTERTAINMENT US (Remote)

'11th Hour Cleaning' dir. Ty Leisher, 2020

01/2020 - 03/2020  Digital Compositor at MIKROS ANIMATION Canada

'The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run' dir. Tim Hill, 2020

09/2019 - 01/2020  Digital Compositor at MOVING PICTURE COMPANY Canada

'The Call of The Wild' dir. Chris Sanders, 2020

'Dolittle' dir. Stephen Gaghan, 2020

08/2019 - 09/2019  Digital Compositor at LIGHTCUT FILM Italy

'Il Grande Passo' dir. Antonio Padovan, 2019

04/2019 - 08/2019  Digital Compositor at SCREEN SCENE VFX Ireland 

'The Irishman' dir. Martin Scorsese, 2019

'Catherine The Great - Season 1' HBO, 2019

01/2018 - 09/2018  Digital Compositor at EFFETTI DIGITALI ITALIANI Italy

'Il Primo Re' dir. Matteo Rovere,  2019

'Ride' dir. Jacopo Rondinelli,  2018

'Il Cacciatore - Season 1' Rai 2018

11/2014 - 01/2018 Visual Effects Supervisor at FREELANCE Serbia

'Twice Upon a Time' dir.Vojin Vasovic, 2016

'Otvorena' dir. Momir Milosevic,  2016

'Mrkli Mrak' dir. Momir Milosevic,  2015

'Mrak' dir. Momir Milosevic,  2014

10/2016 - 01/2018  Digital Compositor at SNOWGUM FILMS Australia (Remote)

'Troll Bridge' dir. Daniel Knight , 2017 

10/2017 -  12/2017  Digital Compositor at PROGRESSIVE FX Czech Republic

'Polda - Season 3' Česká Televize,  2018

'Zoufalé Zeny Delají Zoufalé Veci ' dir. Filip Renc , 2018 

'Nejlepší Přítel' Dir. Karel Janák, 2017

02/2017 -  09/2017  Digital Compositor at UNIVERSAL PRODUCTION PARTNERS Czech Republic

'The Terror - Season 1' AMC , 2018

'Blade Runner 2049' dir. Denis Villeneuve , 2017

06/2017 - 07/2017  Digital Compositor at BLAZING GRIFFIN United Kingdom (Remote)

'Anna and The Apocalypse' dir. John McPhail , 2017

01/2017 - 02/2017  Digital Compositor at MAKINARIUM Italy 

'Tafanos' dir. Riccardo Paoletti , 2018

05/2016 - 11/2016  Digital Compositor at VHQ POST Malaysia

'Forever Young 无问西东' dir. Fangfang Li , 2018

'Once Upon a Time 三生三世十里桃花' dir. Zhao Xiaoding & Anthony LaMolinara,  2017

'For a Few Bullets 快手枪手快枪手' dir. Pan Anzi,  2016

06/2016 - 06/2016 Visual Effects Artist at MASKED FRAME PICTURES United Kingdom (Remote)

'Echo' dir. Victor Perez,  2017

04/2015 - 04/2015  Digital Compositor at STONESOUP VFX United Kingdom (Remote)

05/2015 - 04/2016  Lead Compositor at MYTHIC DIGITAL United Kingdom (Remote)

'The Edge of Humanity' dir. Luca Gabriele Rossetti,  2016

09/2015 - 02/2016  Digital Compositor at OUTPOST VFX United Kingdom

'47 Meters Down' dir. Johannes Roberts,  2016

'Plebs - Season 3' ITV2,  2016

'Agatha Raisin - Season 1' Sky 1, 2016

'Stan Lee's Lucky Man - Season 1' SKY 1,  2016

'Under the Shadow' dir.Babak Anvari,  2016

'Tripped - Season 1' E4,  2015    

'My Beautiful Broken Brain' dir.Sophie Robinson & Lotje Sodderland,  2014

06/2015 - 09/2015  Digital Compositor at FACHHOCHSCHULE SALZBURG Austria (Remote)

'Herbst' dir.Florian Eidenhammer,  2016

08/2015 - 08/2015 Digital Compositor at KIMERAFILM Italy (Remote)

'Alfredo Bini, Ospite Inatteso' dir. Simone Isola,  2015

11/2009 - 07/2013 Writer/Director at ZETAPRODUCTION Italy

'Fine del Mondo' dir. Pierre D'oncieu,  2013